ZK TANK: closed storey tank

CLOSED STOREY TANK with two or more chambers is used for fermentation and storage of wine and other alimentary liquids. Closed storey tank ensures optimal usage of the cellar space. The high quality materials with big thickness ensure stability during a long professional usage of the tank. All valves on the tank are attached with fittings and gaskets which simplifies the removal during the cleaning.

• manhole cover ø200 mm
• closed legs
• vent valve DN50, PVC
• type plate with note card
• ladder support, from coat height 1500 mm
• level indicator, ø16 mm, acrylic tube,
• scaled, open
• thermometer, analog
• sample tap, DN15
• manway door, oval, type CL
• thermowell with PG9 fitting
• cooling jacket, 0.5 m2/1000 lit
• ball valve DN32 DIN11851, partial discharge
• ball valve DN32 DIN11851, total discharge
• brushed welds

• manhole covers other dimensions
• thermoregulator with temperature control
• solenoid or electromotor valve
• closed level indicator
• level tube ø24 mm
• manway doors with other dimensions
• valves (ball/ butterfly), Clamp, Garolla, WG, Macon, Gas, etc.
• adjustable legs
• inclined fitting for stirrer
• decanter
• special types of tops and bottoms
• heating jacket
• cooling/heating plate, 0.4 m2/1000 lit
• cooling jacket more than 0.5 m2/1000 lit
• inert gas fitting
• caps on valves and fittings
• brushed and polished welds, Ra<0.8 µm

All dimensions are in millimeters!

ZK500A8500 lit797161110003001560
ZK600A8600 lit797186112503001810
ZK750A8750 lit797211115003002060
ZK1000A81000 lit797261120003002560
ZK1250A81250 lit797311125003003060
ZK1500A81500 lit797361130003003560
ZK750A10750 lit956162210003001570
ZK900A10900 lit956187212503001820
ZK1040A101040 lit956202214003001970
ZK1100A101100 lit956212215003002070
ZK1450A101450 lit956262220003002570
ZK1800A101800 lit956312225003003070
ZK2150A102150 lit956362230003003570
ZK1250A111250 lit1116188412503001830
ZK1500A111500 lit1116213415003002080
ZK2000A112000 lit1116263420003002580
ZK2450A112450 lit1116313425003003080
ZK2950A112950 lit1116363430003003580
ZK3950A113950 lit1116463440003004580
ZK2000A132000 lit1275224515004002191
ZK2600A132600 lit1275274520004002691
ZK3250A133250 lit1275324525004003190
ZK3900A133900 lit1275374530004003690
ZK5150A135150 lit1275474540004004690
ZK2400A142400 lit1402225015004002221
ZK3200A143200 lit1402275020004002696
ZK3950A143950 lit1402325025004003196
ZK4700A144700 lit1402375030004003695
ZK6250A146250 lit1402475040004004695
ZK4150A164150 lit1593276420004002730
ZK5100A165100 lit1593326425004003209
ZK6100A166100 lit1593376430004003708
ZK8100A168100 lit1593476440004004708
ZK10100A1610100 lit1593576450004005708
ZK5000A185000 lit1752277520004002786
ZK6200A186200 lit1752327525004003232
ZK7450A187450 lit1752377530004003719
ZK9850A189850 lit1752477540004004719
ZK12200A1812200 lit1752577550004005719
ZK6000A196000 lit1911293820005002922
ZK7450A197450 lit1911343825005003382
ZK8850A198850 lit1911393830005003881
ZK11700A1911700 lit1911493840005004881
ZK14600A1914600 lit1911593850005005881
ZK8750A218750 lit2071345525005003533
ZK10400A2110400 lit2071395530005003969
ZK13800A2113800 lit2071495540005004905
ZK17100A2117100 lit2071595550005005903
ZK20500A2120500 lit2071695560005006903
ZK10200A2210200 lit2230347325005003591
ZK12200A2212200 lit2230397330005004021
ZK16100A2216100 lit2230497340005004921
ZK20000A2220000 lit2230597350005005919
ZK23900A2223900 lit2230697360005006919
ZK15300A2515300 lit2501400230005004143
ZK20200A2520200 lit2501500240005005022
ZK25100A2525100 lit2501600250005005955
ZK30000A2530000 lit2501700260005006953
ZK34900A2534900 lit2501800270005007952
ZK39800A2539800 lit2501900280005008951