VIP TANK: wineficator romat

WINEFICATOR ROMAT with a pneumatic cylinder with suppressor is used for the winefication of red and white wine grapes. It can also be used for the fermentation and the storage of wine. An individual programming is
possible for the suppressor control, the pump and the temperature. Suppressor with three blades has a special mechanism which rotates the suppressor for 20° on each press. Big square door and the flat bottom with a slope of 5% ensure an easy discharge of the tank.

• manhole cover ø400 mm
• closed legs
• pneumatic cylinder with blades
• automatic cylinder control, el. box,
• touchscreen
• vent valve DN50, PVC
• type plate with note card
• ladder support, from coat height 1500 mm
• level indicator, ø16 mm, acrylic tube, scaled,
• open
• thermometer, analog
• sample tap, DN15
• manway door, rectangular, type Z1500
• mesh screen
• pipe with fitting DN32 DIN11851
• sprinkler HELI
• thermowell with PG9 fitting
• cooling jacket, 1.0 m2/1000 lit
• ball valve DN32 DIN 11851, partial discharge
• ball valve DN65 DIN 11851, total discharge
• brushed welds

• thermoregulator with temperature control
• el. heater under the bottom
• level tube ø24 mm
• manway doors other dimensions
• additional oval manway door on hinge
• valves (ball/ butterfly), Clamp, Garolla, WG, Macon, Gas, etc.
• adjustable legs
• inclined fitting for stirrer
• decanter
• special types of tops and bottoms
• heating jacket
• el. heater under the bottom
• cooling jacket more than 1.0 m2/1000 lit
• inert gas fitting
• caps on valves and fittings
• mesh screen
• automatic skins discharge
• pump for pumping over
• Air Puls (automatic, or fittings only)
• brushed and polished welds, Ra<0.8 µm

All sizes are in millimeters!

Tank typeVolumeØHH1H2
VIP2400A142400 lit140231821500500
VIP3200A143200 lit140236822000500
VIP4000A144000 lit140241822500500
VIP4200A164200 lit159337002000500
VIP5200A165200 lit159342162500500
VIP6200A166200 lit159347163000500
VIP5100A185100 lit175237402000500
VIP6300A186300 lit175242402500500
VIP7500A187500 lit175247403000500
VIP8900A218900 lit207144902500500
VIP10500A2110500 lit207249903000500
VIP13900A2113900 lit207359904000500
VIP12300A2212300 lit223049963000500
VIP14200A2214200 lit223054963500500
VIP16200A2216200 lit223059964000500
VIP14100A2414100 lit238949983000500
VIP16400A2416400 lit238954983500500
VIP18600A2418600 lit238959984000500
VIP15500A2515500 lit250149803000500
VIP18000A2518000 lit250154803500500
VIP20400A2520400 lit250159804000500
VIP25300A2525300 lit250169805000500
VIP18300A2718300 lit270850953000500
VIP21200A2721200 lit270855953500500
VIP24000A2724000 lit270860954000500
VIP29800A2729800 lit270870955000500