IZO TANK: insulated tank

INSULATED TANK with a build-in cooling jacket is used for cold wine stabilization, fermentation and storage of wine. The thick layer of polyurethane foam ensures a good insulation characteristic of this tank. Big sized cooling jacket ensures a fast lowering of the temperature inside the tank.

• manhole cover ø200 mm
• closed legs
• insulation 60 mm, PU foam
• vent valve DN50, PVC
• type plate with note card
• ladder support, from coat height 1500 mm
• level indicator, ø16 mm, acrylic tube, scaled, open
• thermometer, analog
• sample tap, DN15
• manway door, oval, type CL
• thermowell with PG9 fitting
• cooling jacket, 0.5 m2/1000 lit
• ball valve DN32 DIN11851, partial discharge
• ball valve DN32 DIN11851, total discharge
• brushed welds

• manhole covers with other dimensions
• thermoregulator with temperature control
• solenoid or electromotor valve
• closed level indicator
• level tube ø24 mm
• manway doors other dimensions
• valves (ball/ butterfly), Clamp, Garolla, WG, Macon, Gas, etc.
• adjustable legs
• inclined fitting for stirrer
• decanter
• special types of tops and bottoms
• heating jacket
• inert gas fitting
• caps on valves and fittings
• brushed and polished welds, Ra<0.8 µm

All sizes are in millimeters!

Tank typeVolumeØHH1H2D
IZO500A8500 lit797169110003001640
IZO600A8600 lit797194112503001889
IZO750A8750 lit797219115003002139
IZO1000A81000 lit797269120003002638
IZO1250A81250 lit797319125003003137
IZO1500A81500 lit797369130003003637
IZO750A10750 lit956170210003001650
IZO900A10900 lit956195212503001900
IZO1040A101040 lit956210214003002049
IZO1100A101100 lit956220215003002149
IZO1450A101450 lit956270220003002648
IZO1800A101800 lit956320225003003148
IZO2150A102150 lit956370230003003648
IZO1250A111250 lit1116196012503001907
IZO1500A111500 lit1116221015003002156
IZO2000A112000 lit1116271020003002656
IZO2450A112450 lit1116321025003003155
IZO2950A112950 lit1116371030003003655
IZO3950A113950 lit1116471040003004655
IZO2000A132000 lit1275232515004002271
IZO2600A132600 lit1275282520004002771
IZO3250A133250 lit1275332525004003270
IZO3900A133900 lit1275382530004003770
IZO5150A135150 lit1275482540004004770
IZO2400A142400 lit1402233015004002302
IZO3200A143200 lit1402283020004002775
IZO3950A143950 lit1402333025004003275
IZO4700A144700 lit1402383030004003775
IZO6250A146250 lit1402483040004004774
IZO4150A164150 lit1593284420004002811
IZO5100A165100 lit1593334425004003289
IZO6100A166100 lit1593384430004003789
IZO8100A168100 lit1593484440004004788
IZO10100A1610100 lit1593584450004005788
IZO5000A185000 lit1752285520004002868
IZO6200A186200 lit1752335525004003313
IZO7450A187450 lit1752385530004003799
IZO9850A189850 lit1752485540004004799
IZO12200A1812200 lit1752585550004005799
IZO6000A206000 lit1911301820005002996
IZO7450A207450 lit1911351825005003462
IZO8850A208850 lit1911401830005003961
IZO11700A2011700 lit1911501840005004960
IZO14600A2014600 lit1911601850005005961
IZO8750A228750 lit2071353525005003607
IZO10400A2210400 lit2071403530005004041
IZO13800A2213800 lit2071503540005004985
IZO17100A2217100 lit2071603550005005983
IZO20500A2220500 lit2071703560005006983
IZO10200A2310200 lit2230355325005003666
IZO12200A2312200 lit2230405330005004094
IZO16100A2316100 lit2230505340005005000
IZO20000A2320000 lit2230605350005005999
IZO23900A2323900 lit2230705360005006999
IZO15300A2615300 lit2501408230005004215
IZO20200A2620200 lit2501508240005005091
IZO25100A2625100 lit2501608250005006035
IZO30000A2630000 lit2501708260005007033
IZO34900A2634900 lit2501808270005008032
IZO39800A2639800 lit2501908280005009031