T TANK: pressure tank

PRESSURE TANK is used for sparkling wine production by Charmat method. It is a vertical type of tank with “ellipsoidal heads” (dished top and bottom). Work pressure is 6 bar. Insulation of the tank provides minimum energy consumption. CE PED certificate ensures maximum quality and safe use.

• media: wine blended with CO2
• max. work pressure 6 bar
• work temperature min/max: -5°C/+30°C
• closed legs
• insulation 60 mm, PUR
• type plate with note card
• ladder support, from coat height 1500 mm
• fitting DN50 DIN11851 with cap, on top
• safety valve
• pressure gauge
• level indicator, ø16 mm, acrylic tube,
• scaled, closed
• thermometer, analog
• sample tap, DN 15
• manway door, oval
• fixed stirrer
• thermowell with PG9 fitting
• cooling jacket, 1.0 m2/1000 lit
• ball valve DN32 DIN11851, partial discharge
• ball valve DN32 DIN11851, total discharge
• brushed welds

• manhole cover
• manway door, insulated
• vacuum ventil
• thermoregulator with temperature control
• solenoid or electromotor valve
• level tube ø24 mm
• caps on valves and fittings
• brushed and polished welds, Ra<0.8 µm

All sizes are in millimeters!

Tank typeNominalTotalØHH1H2D
T1180A101180 lit1308 lit9582388150023882427
T1500A101500 lit1663 lit9582888200028882923
T1800A101800 lit2018 lit9583388250033883437
T2150A102150 lit2373 lit9583888300038883944
T1650A111650 lit1834 lit11182494150024942572
T2100A112100 lit2318 lit11182994200029943042
T2950A112950 lit3286 lit11183994300039944041
T2800A132800 lit3086 lit12753126200031263166
T3950A133950 lit4347 lit12754126300041264161
T5100A135100 lit5607 lit12755126400051265159
T3400A143400 lit3350 lit14003151200031513210
T4800A144800 lit4850 lit14004151300041514204
T6150A146150 lit6400 lit14005151400051515204
T4550A164550 lit5078 lit16003308200033083380
T6350A166350 lit7069 lit16004308300043084391
T8150A168150 lit9059 lit16005308400053085377
T9950A169950 lit11050 lit16006308500063086381