PV TANK: tank for forklift transport

TANK FOR FORKLIFT TRANSPORT ensures an easy movement of a tank by using a forklift. In standard version this tank is equipped with an air cap and it can be used for the fermentation and the storage of wine and other alimentary liquids. Footage with slots for forklift is made of high quality material with big thickness.

• floating lid with inflatable tube and pump
• vent valve DN50, PVC
• closed stand with forklift slots
• type plate with note card
• sample tap, DN15
• ball valve DN32 DIN11851, partial discharge
• ball valve DN32 DIN11851, total discharge
• brushed welds

• caps on valves and fittings
• ladder support
• level indicator, ø16 mm, acrylic tube,
• scaled, open
• level tube ø24 mm
• thermometer, analog
• thermoregulator with temperature control
• solenoid or electromotor valve
• thermowell with PG9 fitting
• cooling jacket, 0.5 m2/1000 lit
• cooling jacket more than 0.5 m2/1000 lit
• heating jacket
• special types of bottoms
• manway doors other dimensions
• valves (ball/ butterfly), Tri-clamp, Garolla,
• WG, Macon, Gas, etc.
• inclined fitting for stirrer
• decanter
• lifting arm
• hand winch
• sprinkler HELI
• brushed and polished welds, Ra<0.8 µm

All sizes are in millimeters!

Tank typeVolumeØHH1H2
PV320A6320 lit63813001000300
PV400A6400 lit63815501250300
PV480A6480 lit63818001500300
PV420A7420 lit73113001000300
PV530A7530 lit73115501250300
PV630A7630 lit73118001500300
PV500A8500 lit79713001000300
PV630A8630 lit79715501250300
PV750A8750 lit79718001500300
PV900A10900 lit95615501250300
PV1100A101100 lit95618001500300
PV1400A101400 lit95623002000300
PV1200A111200 lit111615501250300
PV1500A111500 lit111618001500300
PV2000A112000 lit111623002000300
PV1900A131900 lit127519001500400
PV2500A132500 lit127524002000400
PV3200A133200 lit127529002500400
PV2300A142300 lit140219001500400
PV3100A143100 lit140224002000400
PV3900A143900 lit140229002500400
PV4000A164000 lit159324002000400
PV5000A165000 lit159329002500400
PV6000A166000 lit159334003000400
PV4900A194900 lit175224002000400
PV6100A196100 lit175229002500400
PV7300A197300 lit175234003000400