ZBB TANK: bright beer tank

BRIGHT BEER TANK: cylindrical pressure tank at 2.5 bar work pressure is used for beer carbonation before filling. Beside standard version at 2.5 bar, there are models at 3 bar pressure. Interior surface of the tank is polished on Ra≤0.8µm, what provides effective cleaning and complete tank sanitation. Tank is equipped with safety and vacuum valves for maximum security during usage. Big cooling jacket surface ensures quick temperature drop down.

• media: beer blended with CO2
• max. work pressure 2.5 bar
• work temperature min/max: -5°C/+30°C
• (washing/cleaning +80°C)
• cooling jacket on coat
• insulation 60 mm, PUR
• stainless steel cladding on coat and bottom
• diameter ≤ ø1116 mm, door ø400 mm on top
• diameter ≥ ø1116 mm, side obal door on coat
• adjustable legs
• type plate with note card
• ladder support
• safety valve
• vacuum valve
• bunging device with manometer
• CIP pipe with spray ball and ball valve DN25 DIN
• sampling, butterfly valve DN25 DIN (PED)
• butterfly valve DN40 DIN (PED), partial discharge
• butterfly valve DN40 DIN (PED), total discharge
• thermowell
• outside welds brushed
• inside welds brushed and polished, Ra<0.8 µm

• different type of doors
• thicker cladding
• working pressure 0-3 bar
• fitting for carbonation
• PT probe well
• thermoregulator with temperature control
• el. box
• cooling piping system with solenoid or
• electromotor valves
• level indicator, scaled, closed, connected
• to CIP pipe
• caps for valves and fittings
• valves (ball/ butterfly), Clamp, Garolla, WG, Macon, Gas, etc.
• circle polished coat, outside
• bright polished inside

All dimensions are in millimeters!

ZBB500A9500 lit614 lit800174010004001790
ZBB1000A111000 lit1265 lit957237015005002351
ZBB1500A121500 lit1760 lit1116245015005502455
ZBB2000A142000 lit2350 lit1275273315006002740
ZBB3000A153000 lit3650 lit1400306420006003056
ZBB4000A174000 lit4865 lit1600320020007003200
ZBB5000A195000 lit5913 lit1750323020007003245
ZBB6000A196000 lit7100 lit1750373025007003740
ZBB8000A208000 lit9300 lit1911412527508004090
ZBB10000A2210000 lit11900 lit2071450030009004460
ZBB12000A2312000 lit13550 lit2200462030009004560
ZBB16000A2316000 lit19200 lit2200612045009506020