The company Letina inox works successfully for over 30 years on the European and world markets.
In our own manufacturing facilities with area larger than 10.000m² with a help of superior technology, our high quality products are beeing developed and produced.
    Wide range of products, from storage and fermentation tanks, thru wide range of wineficators
and special tanks for olive oil and spirits - all that in superior quality - our products will satisfy
all your needs.





    Along with tanks and equipment for wine, olive oil and other liquids, we project and produce
complete lines for food processing industry, chemical and pharmaceutics industry 

We are authorized distributor of Bucher vaslin products for the territory of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. More about Bucher products at www.buchervaslin.com

    We are dealer of Italian company Borelli group (filling and corking machines), also dealer of
Italian company Enos (labeling machines) and German company Kiesel (pumps, mixers, CIP



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