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Your problems will get the expert attention they deserve. We offer life-long assistance and free technical consulting to all owners of Letina beer tanks or processing equipment.


You can rest easily knowing your tank will last for a very long time. We take our reputation of being the highest-quality beer tank manufacturer very seriously. Every single tank is tested and reviewed

Quality Stainless

We use special, low-carbon variants of AISI 304 and AISI 316 inox. It improves corrosion resistance and makes the tank last even longer.

Cooling Jackets

Your tank will have the most efficient cooling. We calculate thermal properties of tanks, then design and build our own cooling jackets.

Certified Vessels

You can order certified pressure vessels. Our facility is cleared for manufacture to ASME and PED standards, and fusion welding.

Parts & Equipment

Customize your tank with any part you want. You can use your own parts, or take advantage of our discounts due to years of partnerships.

Stackable Tanks

Your tanks make maximum use of the space available to them. They’re designed to be able to stack on top of each other.

Support Network

You can be confident you’ll receive great, local support from our distributors. We have partnered with over 50 businesses on 5 continents.

Brewing is hard -

let us help you make it a bit easier.

Stainless Steel Beer Tanks

Letina specializes in stainless steel tank and equipment manufacture for the beer industry. We produce the following tanks on a daily basis.

Brewing is hard -

let us help you make it a bit easier.

Brewing is hard -

let us help you make it a bit easier.