Biodynamic Dynamizer

Easily mix larger quantities of biodynamic preparations, while remaining faithful to the principles set by Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

The Dynamizer was designed to enable agriculturalists of all sorts to mix large quantities of biodynamic preparations. It can dynamize enough preparations for 5 acres of land in a single one-hour mixing. The dynamization programs were meticulously planned to achieve a great vortex and maximize the entropy between phases. Every component material and placement was carefully considered to prevent interference with the magical process.

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The product was developed in close cooperation with the Dr. Rudolf Steiner Centre, with the support of the EU.

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Automated intervals

The dynamizer has 5 different work modes - 4 automatic programs, and 1 manual. It comes standard with programs to dynamize 40L, 100L, 140L and 160L of preparations. If you want more control over the dynamization process, you can engage the manual mode and change the mixing direction with the help of a switch. That allows you to manually time the mixing, creating the perfect vortex every time.


The dynamizer is equipped with pivoting break wheels which enable easy maneuvering. The control panel has a simple, logical layout and it's functionalities are clearly labeled. The leaning mechanism makes attaching and detaching the mixing vessel simple.

Neutral materials

The mixer is made out of AISI 304 stainless steel, which possesses no magnetic properties and doesn't interfere with the natural electromagnetic forces which are a part of the dynamization process. Additionally, we brought the contact-surface to a minimum. You can get your dynamizer with a wooden barrel, copper vessel, or a stainless steel tank.


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The Biodynamic Dynamizer is available in 4 variants:
  • Dynamizer only
  • Dynamizer + wooden (barrique) barrel 225 L
  • Dynamizer + stainless steel tank 210 L
  • Dynamizer + copper vessel 210 L
The dynamizer can be made to order in other dimensions (volumes). For more information, contact us at biodynamics@letina.com

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