Stainless Steel
Brandy Tank

The brandy tank was specifically designed to store brandy, gin and other liquors. Stainless steel is odorless and imparts no taste, making it the perfect material for a long-term liquor storage vessel.

Durable, high-quality materials enable the brandy tank to stay in pristine condition, even after years of professional usage.

AISI 304

The brandy storage tank is made out of AISI 304 quality stainless steel. An upgrade to AISI 316L stainless steel is available for high-corrosion environments.

Marbled Finish

A high-polish, marbled finish is applied to the outside of the liquor tank. Matte, Mirrored and Scotch Brite finishes are also available upon request. The inside is BA (IIId) polished.

Blueprint of the brandy tank.

Brandy Tank Size Chart

TypeCapacity (L)Capacity (US gal)Diameter (mm)Total Height (mm)Shell Height (mm)V1V2

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