Stainless Steel
Charmat Tank

The Charmat Tank is a stainless steel pressure vessel designed for sparkling wine production using the Charmat method at a work pressure of 6 bar. It has a dished top and bottom and can be equipped with special, PED manhole covers and manway doors. 

The pressure vessel is wrapped in a thick layer of PU foam, insulating it and ensuring minimum energy consumption.

A large, dimpled jacket makes sure the temperature inside the pressure vessel is always optimal. Thanks to the vertical construction of the cooling jacket, the stored liquids will be efficiently chilled even if the Charmat tank is not full to the brim.

Durable, high-quality materials enable the pressure tank to stay in pristine condition, even after years of professional usage.

AISI 304

The pressure vessel is made out of AISI 304 quality stainless steel. An upgrade to AISI 316L stainless steel is available for high-corrosion environments.

Marbled Finish

A high-polish, marbled finish is applied to the outside of the Charmat tank. Matte and Scotch Brite finishes are also available upon request. The inside is BA (IIId) polished.

Ellipsoidal Bottom

The pressure tank is equipped with a semi-ellipsoidal bottom. It can withstand the high pressures building up inside the tank. It's compliant with the DIN 28013 norm.

Ellipsoidal Top

A rounded, semi-ellipsoidal head is standard for the Charmat tank. It is specially shaped to handle work under high pressures and compliant with the DIN 28013 norm.

Pressure Vessel

The Charmat tank is designed, manufactured, inspected and tested to safely perform at high pressure levels. Our CE PED certificate ensures maximum quality and safe use.

Insulation Layer

The pressure tank is wrapped with a thick layer of polyurethane foam which provides great thermal insulation. The PU foam is resistant to moisture and water, making it perfect for stainless steel tanks.

Dimple Jacket

A dimple jacket is a thin, spotted shell that regulates tank temperatures with the help of a cooling/heating medium such as glycol. They are made of light-weight materials and spot-welded for minimal additional weight.

Charmat Tank Equipment


  • Work Pressure – 6 bar
  • Work Temperature – (min)-5°C/(max)30°C
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Insulation – Polyurethane foam layer (60 mm)
  • Manway Door – PED rated
  • Legs – Standard (Closed)
  • Temperature Control
    • Cooling Jacket (1 m2/1000 L)
    • Thermometer (analog)
    • Thermowell (with PG9 fitting)
  • Valves
    • Sample Tap (DN15)
    • Partial Discharge – Ball valve (DN32 DIN11851) x2
    • Total Discharge – Ball valve (DN32 DIN11851)
    • Safety Valve
  • Fitting (DN50 DIN11851) – With cap, on top
  • Fixed Stirrer (Agitator)
  • Level Indicator – Ø16 mm acrylic tube (scaled, closed)
  • Type Plate – With note card
  • Ladder rack – Coat height 1500 mm onwards
  • Welding – Brushed finish


  • Manhole Cover – PED rated
  • Manway Door – PED rated and insulated
  • Thermoregulator (digital)
  •  Valves
    • Vacuum valve
    • Solenoid or electromotor valve
    • Stainless Steel Caps (on all valves and fittings)
  • Level Indicator – Ø24 mm acrylic tube (scaled, closed)
  • Welding – Brushed and polished (Ra<0.8 µm)
Blueprint of the Charmat pressure vessel.

Charmat Tank Size Chart

TypeCapacity (L)Capacity (US gal)Total Volume (L)Total Volume (US gal)Diameter (mm)Total Height (mm)Shell Height (mm)

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Frequently Asked Questions

A pressure vessel is a container designed to safely store hot liquids, vapors or gases at high pressure levels. Notable examples of pressure vessels are boilers, heat-exchangers and storage tanks.

A ruptured or otherwise damaged pressure vessel can be extremely dangerous, or even explode. That is why pressure vessel manufacture is strongly regulated.

Letina pressure vessels are made in accordance with the strict European PED Legislation. Our tanks go through rigorous inspection and testing.

PED stands for Pressure Equipment Directive – a set of European legislation that govern design, manufacturing, inspection and testing of pressure equipment.

A product bearing the CE PED mark symbolizes the product is certified and safe to use.

You can check out our PED certificate here.

The Charmat method is a way of making sparkling wine by trapping bubbles in wine by carbonating them in large, stainless steel tanks. That is why it’s often referred to as the “Tank method”.

Also known as metodo Italiano, cuvée close and autoclave, it has made the process of making sparkling wines more affordable and is revered around the world. It is the main method used for making Prosecco and Lambrusco wines.

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