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Wine Tanks

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We manufacture sanitary stainless steel tanks and processing equipment for the wine industry. In our expansive catalog you will find:

  • Sealed Wine Tanks
  • Variable Capacity Wine Tanks
  • Wine Fermentation Tanks
    • Pump-over Fermenters
    • Punch-down Fermenters
    • Horizontal Fermenters (for Maceration)
    • Pressure Fermenters (for Sparkling Wine)
  • Insulated Wine Tanks
  • Multi-chamber Wine Tanks
  • Square Wine Tanks
  • Frame and Plate Filter Press for Wine

All of our equipment is constructed using only high-quality stainless steel materials (AISI 304 and 316). Welds are brushed and polished for extra protection. The tanks are rigorously tested to make sure they live up to the Letina quality standards.

Our stainless steel wine tanks are designed with special features to make every step of the winemaking process easier. From maceration and fermentation, to maturation and clearing.

Easy Cleaning

No more scrubbing - cleaning tanks will be a breeze thanks to the highly-polished interior layer.

The BA (IIId) finish prevents sediment build-up and makes simple water spraying enough to keep your wine tanks stain-free.

Shaped Bottoms

Effortlessly achieve total product drainage (maximizing product yield at racking) thanks to pocketed conical and sloped bottoms.

Stacking Technology

Make smart use of your limited cellar space by stacking tanks on top of each other.

Stacking allows you to reorganize your production line and make it more efficient than ever.

Adjustable Footing

The adjustable pads will make sure your vessels sit still even on sloped terrain.

Manouvering the tanks around your cellar is easy with our wheeled legs models or the forklift skirt models.

Efficient Cooling

Waste no energy by achieving maximum surface coverage with a specially-shaped dimpled jacket.

The jackets are designed to operate at 35 psi, allowing you to connect it to your existing glycol cooling system.

Accessible Manways

Easily remove the leftover grape pomace, skins and seeds thanks to rectangular-shaped manways. Perfect for pitchforks, rakes and shovels.

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