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No matter what your processing needs are, we will solve them.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Over 200 professionals work to manufacture stainless steel tanks in our 20 000 m2 production facility. The Letina stainless steel tank factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, capable of producing even the most technically demanding designs. 

Our talented engineers adapt tanks to your unique situation on a daily basis. Along with modifying products from our catalogue, we engineer and manufacture completely custom stainless steel tanks upon the request of our clients.


Our engineers will work with you to craft the perfect solution for your current processing needs.


We'll work with you to design a product fully adapted to your preferences and processing needs.


We will manufacture the perfect stainless steel tank for you using advanced welding techniques.


Our team can help you optimally set up your custom-built processing equipment and handle field fabrication.
working at Letina
1 500 t
Stainless Steel
used per year
20 000 m²
manufacturing & assembly space
20 000 000 L
Capacity of Tanks
manufactured per year

Stainless Steel Tanks We Manufacture

Closed Tank Z

Closed Tank

The classic sealed tank design - perfected.

Square Tank

A tank that fits in every cellar.

Multi-chamber Tank

Designed to maximize the use of cellar space.

Mixing Tank

Industrial mixer with a built-in agitator.

Olive Oil Storage Tank

Designed to keep your oil in pristine condition.

Brandy Tank

Storage of brandy, gin and other liquor.

Insulated Tank

Tanks with incredible temperature retention.

Pressure Tank

European PED certified pressure vessels.

Variable Capacity Tank

The lid seals on the surface of the liquid.

Forkliftable Tank

Special slits for forklift transportation.

Pump-over Fermenter

Designed to make remontage easy.

Punch-down Fermenter

Automatically submerges the pomace cap.

Horizontal Fermenter

Ideal design for red wine maceration.

Conical Fermenter

Perfect control of the brewing process.

Brite Tank

Carbonation, serving and storage of bright beer.

Stainless Steel Equipment We Manufacture

The FLORY 26 helicopter bucket closed.

Plate & Frame Filter Press

Best-in-class filtration capacity of up to 7500 L/h.

Stainless Steel Walkway

Providing safe access to your processing equipment.

Stainless Steel Helicopter Bucket

FLORY 26 Aerial Firefighting System.

Ready to simplify your processing?

Let us help you. Describe your needs as best you can with the help of the form below. Our friendly staff will contact you with helpful suggestions and describe the next steps.

1) You order a tank.

You receive our quote and decide whether you want to change it. If you're satisfied, we move onto the design and engineering phase.

2) We design it.

You give us inputs based on the drawings we send you. It is an iterative process and we only stop when you're 100% satisfied.

3) You approve the plans.

You sign the final version of the drawing and email it to us. We then schedule the tank for manufacture. You still have some time for making small changes.

4) We manufacture it.

Your final tank design enters the production line. It is assembled from high-grade stainless steel using advanced welding techniques.

5) You take delivery.

Your tank is shipped out to you, including a manual and proper maintenance guide. We'll always be there for you to provide assistance.

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