Stainless Steel
Conical Fermenter

0.5 bar

The conical fermenter is a vessel designed to produce high-quality craft beer. The conical fermenter can be used for fermentation, maturation and sedimentation.

What makes this beer fermentation tank special is its tall conical bottom. Thanks to its funnel shape, it separates and collects sediment. After the primary fermentation you can simply discharge the unwanted sediment, leaving the beer inside the tank.

AISI 304

The conical fermenter is made out of AISI 304 quality stainless steel. An upgrade to AISI 316L stainless steel is available for high-corrosion environments.
Microscopic structure of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Conical Bottom

The beer fermentation tank is equipped with a tall, centered conical bottom. It makes sediment separation easy and removes the need for another vessel.
[Bottom] Conical Centered

Conical Bottom

The conical fermenter has a large, funnel-shaped bottom that separates and collects sediment. It removes the need of a second tank and enables two-step fermentation in a single vessel.

Dimple Jacket

A dimple jacket is a thin, spotted shell that regulates tank temperatures with the help of a cooling/heating medium such as glycol. They are made of light-weight materials and spot-welded for minimal additional weight.

Clean in Place (CIP)

No more scrubbing - cleaning the conical fermenter is automatic thanks to the CIP pipe and spray ball. The BA (IIId) inside finish prevents sediment build-up.

Conical Fermenter Equipment


  • Manhole cover Ø 200 mm / Ø 300 mm
  • Fitting Tri-Clamp 1,5“ on manhole cover
  • Fitting Tri-Clamp 1“ on coat
  • Clean discharge – fitting Tri-Clamp 1“ on conical bottom
  • Total discharge – fitting Tri-Clamp 1,5“ on conical bottom
  • Material AISI304


  • Safety/vacuum valve on Tri-Clamp 1,5”
  • Butterfly valve Tri-Clamp 1”
  • Butterfly valve Tri-Clamp 1,5”
  • CIP fitting with spray ball and butterfly valve Tri-Clamp 1”
  • Sampling valve Tri-Clamp 1” 
  • Cooling jacket
  • Shell for temperature probe
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Conical Fermenter Size Chart

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TypeCapacity (L)Capacity (US gal)Total Volume (L)Total Volume (US gal)Diameter (mm)H1 (mm)H2 (mm)H3 (mm)

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