Most recent product catalogs and instruction manuals

Product Catalog in PDF

Our product catalog that contains stainless steel tanks for various industries, processing equipment and all customization options.

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Craft Beer Product Catalog in PDF

Our product catalog that contains stainless steel tanks and equipment made specially for craft beer industry.

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Instruction Manuals

[M] Mixer Instructions

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[VIN] Wineficator Instructions

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[VIP] Wineficator Romat Instructions

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[VF] Filter Instructions

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Thermoregulator CLIP Instructions

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Our Guiding Principles

Letina is a value-driven organization. Here is what we believe in.


Striving for Excellence

We push boundaries and want to be the best at what we do. That is why we engineer our products to perfection and provide the best service on the market.


Acting With Purpose

There is a reason behind everything we do. Every feature and product is designed with a purpose on mind.


Learning and Mentoring

We believe acquiring and sharing knowledge makes the world a better place. That is why we invest in employee education and youth mentoring programs.


Fulfilling Potentials

We love seeing people succeed. That is why we always make sure our partners are getting the most out of our cooperation.
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Manufacturing Capabilities

We manufacture stainless steel tanks and processing equipment. Focusing on alcohol (wine, beer, liquors), food and beverage industries allows us to better adapt our products according to our customers' needs.

TÜV SÜD Certified

Custom Engineering & Design

Manufacturing Facilities > 5 Acres

Ready to simplify your processing?

Let us help you. Describe your needs as best you can with the help of the form below. Our friendly staff will contact you with helpful suggestions and describe the next steps.

1) You order a tank.

You receive our quote and decide whether you want to change it. If you're satisfied, we move onto the design and engineering phase.

2) We design it.

You give us inputs based on the drawings we send you. It is an iterative process and we only stop when you're 100% satisfied.

3) You approve the plans.

You sign the final version of the drawing and email it to us. We then schedule the tank for manufacture. You still have some time for making small changes.

4) We manufacture it.

Your final tank design enters the production line. It is assembled from high-grade stainless steel using advanced welding techniques.

5) You take delivery.

Your tank is shipped out to you, including a manual and proper maintenance guide. We'll always be there for you to provide assistance.

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