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Man welding stainless steel using the TIG method.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welders assemble metal parts for construction and manufacturing jobs using the head from an electric arc. TIG is a type of welding that is used to fuse metals that aren’t magnetic. A TIG welder is required to have a lot of experience in the field and hold extensive knowledge of different welding processes.





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Skills and Qualifications

Reading Blueprints

TIG welders are required to work with minimal supervision. They rely on reading blueprints for instructions.

It's important you know how to interpret and work according to blueprints.

Basic Trigonometry

TIG welders should be comfortable with numbers, especially trigonometry.

You will take measurements and use blueprints to calculate dimensions.

Welding Skill

This is the core skill that all TIG welders must have.

You should know about equipment, processes, and materials, and should have a practical proficiency in welding that comes from experience.

Hand-eye Coordination

Welding is a heavily physical process that requires stamina and perfect hand-eye coordination.

Timing, the amount of heat, and other variables must be exact in order to yield a usable product.

Attention to Detail

TIG welders have a keen eye for details when inspecting products.

You should be able to spot errors quickly, then analyze them to find the root cause and find a solution.

Tools of the Trade

Measurement Tools

tape measures, calipers, or clamps

Metalworking Tools

grinders, buffers, or sanders

TIG Welding Equipment

tungsten electrodes, filler metal rods, or torch holders


stainless steel

Technical Documents

blueprints, bills of material, or technique sheets

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