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1 in stock
Stainless Steel Tanks for Sale

Welcome to the official Letina store pages. Here you will find new, refurbished and used stainless steel tanks for sale. Most of the vessels are jacketed tanks, equipped with a dimpled jacket capable of efficient temperature regulation.

We regularly stock some of our most popular products, including the closed tank, variable capacity tanks of all shapes and sizes, wine fermentation tanks (pump-over, punch-down and horizontal), conical fermenters and brite tanks.

Why buy an used tank?


The usual waiting time to get your order produced is completely nullified - all the tanks here are available for immediate shipping.


Buying refurbished or used stainless steel tanks is a smart investment - you can get a hefty discount for a product that doesn't age.


All tanks are carefully looked at by our quality assurance inspectors. We will never sell sub-par products, only those that make the cut.

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